FAQ – Kontofrågor

I have ordered a new password but I have not received an email.

Check that the email has not landed up in your junk mail. If you still can not find an email with your new password, contact us at support@actimate.se and we will assist you!

I have two phones, can I use Actimate on both of them?

No, it will only be possible to use one account and one phone per person. Install the app on the phone that you use the most.

I can not sign in to the Actimate-app.

Ask yourself the following questions:


Have you entered the correct user name and password?

Your personal user name and password is found in your participant email.


Have you tried ordering a new password in the app?

If the password in the participant email is not working, you can try to order a new password via the app.

I do not want anybody in my company to see my activities.

You can participate in the challenge without having your activities shown for other contestants. In the Actimate-app’s settings you can choose to hide your activities.

What happens if my company has started and I have not signed in yet?

Do not stress! If you sign in a couple days later than your companies launch date Actimate will gather your activity data retroactively from Apple Health or Google Fitness.

Jag har fått ett mail med nytt lösenord men jag kan ändå inte logga in.

Kontakta oss på support@actimate.se så hjälper vi dig!