FAQ – Hur fungerar tävlingen

Hur fungerar tävlingen?

What is Health Business of the Year?

Health Business of the Year is the health promotion of the future in a smart, fun and easy format. Your company participates as a team and all of the activity performed by the personnel is counted for. You compete against other participating companies for the title “Health Business of the Year” at the same time as you notice a progression towards a more active and healthy workforce. The company that has registered the most points, divided by the number of employees, is the winner!

Does my activity points disappear in the competition if I use them to pay for a deal?

No. The activity points used to pay for a deal will remain in the competition but they will be marked as used by our system.

How is my activity data registered?

All data is gathered automatically by your smartphone via Apple Health or Google Fitness. When you launch Actimate for the first time you must therefore allow Actimate to read your activity data from one of these apps respectively.

How are activities and workouts valued?

All kinds of workouts are valued equally, regardless of the type of activity. That is, a person who walks for 30 minutes and a person who runs for 30 minutes both gathers 30 points. The thought is that all contestants compete on the same terms.

Additionally, we want to promote the everyday activities, such as choosing the stairs in favor of the elevator. Therefore, Actimate registers all kinds of small activities during the day.

When is the winner announced?

On Dec. 31st the challenge is finished and the winner is announced a few weeks later. Until then you can follow your company’s place in the standings via the app or check out the Top 10 at https://www.actimate.se/.

When does my team start the challenge?

A new round of the challenge takes off every Monday. If your company have not started, the app shows a countdown to the launch date.

What is needed to get started?

You need a smartphone to participate. Download Actimate on App Store or Google Play. You also need to check that Apple Health or Google Fitness is installed on your phone.

What do I gain as a participant?

It pays off having an active lifestyle. In excess of an improved health there are deals that you can pay for with your activity points.

Who wins?

The company with the highest point average after the 8 weeks of the challenge is the winner, however all contestants wins something. Healthier colleagues, improved team spirit, better mood and positive branding are just some of the advantages that the challenge entails.